Educational Video

Educational Video


The videos below are short clips 

How To Overseed your lawn.  Chad with Premier walks you through as step by step process on how to overseed you lawn.  Also a good one from KSU's Rodney St. John.  How to read a seed tag

- How to calibrate a sprayer

 Video explaination of fall fertilizer types. More on fertilizer Mowing considerations, Aeration, and other general questions. here is a  Video on the 1/3 rule.  More on mowing

- Spreader Tips.  How to apply fertilizer properly.  More tips ,  Spreader Settings Chart

- Crabgrass preventer considerations. Video explaination of how to select the right Pre-emergent for your lawn.

- 2011 Kansas Turf Conference.  Brian and Chad Talk about the conference, what it is about and why it is important to our business.  2011 summer and fall issues at the conference

- Spring Lawn Tips, Short video on what to do to you yard this spring.  Spring Lawn Fertilization,  This is a video on preemergent and fertilizer usage in the spring,  Spring Tips at the Kansas Garden show.  Talks about evaluation of your yard.

- Lawn Weed Control and Watering tips in a home lawn,   Discussion about some common challenges in the and how to reduce weed problems in the lawn.

- How to manage summer Stress.  This video helps you to understand the challenges your lawn faces in the summertime.  From heat and drought, to insects and disease, this video helps to explain how you can best manage your lawns in the summer time.

- Turfgrass Technology.  This  video talks about the origins of fescue in the lawn.  Why we use fescue in the transition zone.  General information about Lawn genetics.

Dr. Jack Fry of Kansas State University is Interviewed by Chad Bullock of Premier Farm and Home at the 2010 Kansas Turf Conference for AG am in Kansas. Kansas Turfgrass Conference is put on every year by the Kansas Turfgrass Foundation.

- Mole Control.  This video talkes about how to control moles in home lawns.  I have found this information to be helpful when baiting or trapping moles.  Directions from mole trap STEP 1 IS KEY!

- Spring lawn tips.  This video talks about some basic lawn tips for spring.  This is a clip from a 2010 interview at the Kansas Garden Show.


Premier Lawn Seminar Series

These Videos will go into great detail on a particular topic

Crabgrass 101

Weed Control 101

Insect Control 101

Surviving the Drought

White Clover In Pastures

Farm and Home

- Rodent Control.  AG am in Kansas Interviews Chad Bullock of Premier Farm and Home about Rodent Control.  Discussions about basic rodent control in an agricultural setting.

- Winter Livestock Rations.  AG am in Kansas interviews Chad Bullock with Premier Farm and Home about winter rations for livestock.  Discussions about winter preparations for livestock.

- Water Issues. Brian Hallman Interviews Chad Bullock with Premier Farm and Home about water issues and livestock

- Fall Livestock Preparations.  Brian Hallman and Chad Bullock discuss how to get ready for fall livestock care

- Supplementing Brood Cows.  Chad Bullock interviews Wes Blair of Blair Milling about supplementing cattle.  Discussions include tubs and range cubes, how to figure how much a cow needs and how much will it cost you per head per day.

- Feeding Companion Animals.  Discussions about feeding goats and chickens.



- H.O.W Event.  Interview on Ag Am in Kansas with Purina Mills' Ernie Rodina and Dawn Dawson with Chad Bullock from Premier Farm and Home.  Discussions about Horse Owner Workshops and other events.

- Equine Care. Genna talks to Brian Hallman with ag am in Kansas about the use of equine lights, hoof care, and horse bedding

- Equine metabolic issues. Genna talks to Brian about cushings and other metabolic problems with horses.

- Deworming horses. Genna Gallaher Talks about horse worming considerations in the fall

- Stretching Hay Supply. Brian Hallman of Ag am in Kansas interview Genna Gallaher about ways to stretching hay when it's short. More from Genna and Brian

- Winter Care for HorsesBrian Hallman of AG am In Kansas interviews Genna Gallaher of Premier Farm and Home about horse barn management and other winter horse care issues